Al Rahma Association spends more than OMR 100,000 to help the needy
July 12, 2019 | 4:33 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: As part of various charitable activities, Al Rahma Association has donated more than OMR 100,000 in June 2019.

According to the Association, more than OMR48,000 were spent to shelter 1,834 orphans. In a statement issued online, the association said: "The total expenses for the month of were nearly more than OMR 100,000. It was disbursed to cover the requirements of its eligible categories of orphans and provide the needs for the needy families,"

According to the Association, 1,834 orphans were granted an amount of OMR 48,787.6, while OMR14,076 were spent to ensure food items to 485 families during the same month.

A total amount of OMR 5,200 was paid to release three prisoners in Seeb as part of the Fak Krba initiative.

An amount of OMR 8,510 was distributed to 45 needy families. The Association also paid rent arrears to a number of families at a cost of OMR 1,200 and a towards the renovation of a house for a family at a cost of OMR1,300.

An amount of OMR125 was also paid to cover the rent of two eligible high education students.

Al Rahma Association added: "A sum of OMR 4948,000 was paid for the purchase of electronic devices that were distributed to Wadi Bani Khalid families to compensate for the losses sustained due to the heavy rains that recently hit the wilayat."

An amount of OMR 249.6 was granted to provide meals for a number of students in a school in wilayat of Seeb.

OMR 2,000 was paid by the Association as a monthly contribution to the Holy Quran Care Society and private schools that teach the Holy Quran in wilayat of Seeb.

The total amount for the purchase of rice for Zakat al-Fitr for the family of the association costs OMR7,000. The total amount spent to support the delegation of Palestine martyrs to the Sultanate amounted to 1,900. Where an amount of RO 2,900 thousand was also spent for iftar in wilayat Muttrah.

OMR 440 was spent to provide encouraging gifts to children of the small reader contest organized by the association in cooperation with the private schools for teaching the Holy Quran in Seeb.

For an amount of OMR 370, a bedroom set was purchased for a young person with a disability who is about to get married.

Dar Al Wefaq received a contribution of OMR 200 from the Al Rahma Association for the provision of meals, and OMR 850 was spent to support the activities of the Islamic Orphan Day of the Social Welfare Department.

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