NHC cuts down wait-time for catheter operations
July 2, 2019 | 8:35 PM
by Times News Service
Supplied photo.

Muscat: Recent statistics have revealed that the National Heart Centre at Royal Hospital has achieved outstanding results in trimming down waiting times for some cardiac procedures.

The average cardiac catheter waiting list is now about three weeks while the urgent cases are treated immediately.

There has been more than a 100 percent increase in the number of cardiac catheter operations performed by the National Heart Centre (NHC) in the last eight years.

According to statistics issued by the Centre, 6,540 diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheter procedures were performed during 2018, an average of 22 per day, which shows an increase of 133 percent compared to 2,797 operations during 2010. The figures also show catheters and open-heart operations are performed with a high success rate and few side effects, similar to the medically advanced countries in the field.

“Cardiac catheter procedures at the NHC are performed around the clock,” an official said. “Scheduling appointments for cardiac catheters at the NHC is consistent with internationally recognized standards. Urgent cases are immediately admitted to the catheter room for the necessary therapeutic procedures; mild cases are given a relatively near diagnostic or therapeutic appointment, whereas routine cases are given appointments as available.”

The Centre experienced a growing surge in the field of medical devices and equipment used in the field of cardiovascular diseases, number of admission beds, along with the increased number of operating theatres from two to five,” the official said.

“The NHC meets the requirements of the Sultanate’s five-year health plans in order to promote quality health care in the field of cardiovascular diseases. The Centre uses the latest equipment and medical devices and above all-embraces the expertise of qualified health professionals.”

In addition, the NHC has received recognition for its distinguished quality of healthcare from the international community, both from prestigious health institutions and international accreditation institutions. It has been recognised also for keeping pace with the latest technology and medical equipment in the field, as well as for including competent medical, technical and nursing staff.

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