Omani woman gives birth to five children
September 12, 2018 | 2:49 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Ministry of Health/Twitter

Muscat: In a rare case in the Sultanate, an Omani woman gave birth to five children but lost one shortly after, the Royal Hospital in Muscat announced.

The birth took place in the morning during last month’s Eid holiday. “She gave birth to five children—four girls and one boy—through a caesarean delivery, but even after receiving the utmost care, sadly, one of the girls died,” said an official from the Royal Hospital.

Premature birth

The children were born premature, weighing approximately some 1-1.2 kg. “They have been kept in incubators, and will be taken out in a month’s time only after they reach 1.5kg,” the official added.

The Royal Hospital has made sure that it provides the children with as much care as possible.

“A nurse has been tasked with monitoring each baby throughout the day and night, which includes three of them on call, in addition to observation from numerous doctors,” said the hospital official.

He added, “The mother who already has one daughter, was aware that she was expecting five children and was under medical supervision in the hospital since she was 26 weeks pregnant, which corresponds to three weeks before their birth.

The hospital is providing all the children’s supplies while they are being admitted.

“The Department of Social Guidance in the hospital is contacting the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Manpower and private sector companies to help the family provide for the children after leaving the hospital,” the official added.

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