Four attempts to smuggle cigarettes, illegal tobacco in Oman foiled
July 4, 2018 | 2:52 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Oman Customs/Twitter

Muscat: Four attempts to smuggle cigarettes and illegal tobacco, in different parts of Oman were foiled by the Royal Oman Police (ROP).

In the first case100,000 packs of illegal cigarettes and 600 kg of chewable tobacco were confiscated at the border point of Wadi Jizi. According to ROP, “The Customs Department at the Wadi Jizi border point foiled an attempt to smuggle large quantities of illegal cigarettes and chewable tobacco after the accused hid them in a truck carrying sand.”

In the second case, police officers thwarted an attempt to smuggle fake cigarettes after smugglers tried to cross the Khutmat Mullaha border point. Police officials said that the accused hid cigarettes in the vehicle’s engine and in a box that was made for smuggling.

In another case, one person was arrested for attempting to smuggle chewing tobacco at the Sohar Port. The tobacco was found tightly hidden in boxes meant for food.

In the fourth case, one person was arrested for trading illegal cigarettes in Izki. According to the police, “The Department of Criminal Investigation at the Izki police station arrested an Asian national [who was caught] trading illegal cigarettes.” The police seized a number of cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

The accused was then referred to the judicial authorities to complete the necessary procedures against him.

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