Try some local flavours this Eid
June 13, 2018 | 1:05 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
Gustoso Restaurant in Qurum

How about spending your Eid holidays at restaurants across town, filling your stomach with delicious offerings, and having a good time with friends? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? As the restaurant culture continues to grow in Muscat, these holidays are becoming even better, with much more to choose from. Whether you like to savour local flavours or Mediterranean delicacies, dining at one of these places promises a treat for your taste buds.

Muscat is quite diverse when it comes to cuisine. I usually go for a local diner that serves homemade favourites, stop by a Turkish joint for value-for-money foods, and savour one of my absolute favourite kitchens, Italian.

For Omani dishes, head over to the poshest mall in town, Opera Galleria, and dine at Al Angham restaurant, where true royal dining experience full of local delicacies is served. The place is extravagantly beautiful, and will feel like home for those with a taste for the finer things in life. What I loved the most about this place is their artistic plating that gives you a hint of fine art on a platter, which comes oozing with modern take on traditional Omani food, crafted by luminaries of our local cuisine. Come here for delicious food and for Omani hospitality, which is portrayed with extra touches of elegance.

Ubhar is also a great place to explore local cuisine, located in Bareeq Al Shatti in Qurum. It serves a variety of mouth-watering treats and Omani rice-based dishes. It also offers an atmosphere that combines modernity with cultural and traditional elements. And, the menu is filled with unexpected and enchanting options, with my favourite being camel biryani and shuwa. I usually end my meal with frankincense ice cream, it’s exotic yet delightful.

Another stop for Omani food is Bait Al Luban, situated in the coastal city of Muttrah. At the restaurant, every detail gets attention. I love coming here for their ambience that sports traditional interior and seating cushions. The food is impeccably great and filling. And, they serve frankincense water as a welcoming treat. How cool.

Now, for the seafood lovers I recommend Bait Al Bahar at Shanrgi-La, where I usually savour seafood delights while indulging in a beautiful view. The place has one of the best locations in Muscat, overlooking the blue waters of Barr Al Jissah. You can book tables for your friends and family to not only enjoy the “catch of the day” but also to create memorable moments full of good times. Head over there for dinner at night for the relaxed vibe, and make sure to try their starters, quite delicious.

After exploring a local taste, dive into other cuisines such as Italian and Turkish.

I personally love three restaurants that serve authentic Turkish dishes that will blow your mind. My number one option is situated in the busy street of Souq Al Khoudh in Seeb, Al Hilal Al Turkey, where I binge on their leaf-like beef shawarma, slithered and sandwiched with Turkish garlic mayonnaise. I could eat four to five portions of these sandwiches, they are a must-try.

Turkish diners are also popular for their seafood offerings, such as the ones served at The Turkish Diwan in Al Khuwair. Stop by with your family and enjoy their extraordinary dishes that won’t break your bank, but also taste heavenly delicious. Make sure to try their grilled seafood platter, one of the best in town.

Lastly, I wouldn’t enjoy Eid unless I stopped by an Italian kitchen for some pastas and pizzas. Often times I’d stop by Kargeen to devour their pizzas in a nice outdoor setup, or head over to my absolute favourite: Gustoso.

At Gustoso, they serve homemade-inspired dishes by a lovely couple from Italy who love to cook food from their hometown. The restaurant serves Italian delicacies that will entertain your palate. From handmade pastas with Italian herbs, to pizzas, desserts, and cold-cut platters, the place has it all. It’s an absolute treasure for food enthusiasts. A must-try as well.

If you want to explore the famous New York-style pizza, then dine at Volare Pizzeria in Qurum. The place is quite a wonderland for fervent pizza lovers. On their menu, you’ll find a number of signature Italian seafood pizzas and cheesy Margaritas, as well as interesting takes on the classic pesto-tomato-pepperoni pizza. The place serves not only succulent food, but has a beautiful-yet-gritty ambience that’s full of jazz. Make sure to try their Margarita, it’s lip-smacking good. —[email protected]

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