Cyclone update: Mekunu 270 km away from Salalah, centre to hit soon
May 25, 2018 | 12:42 AM
by Times News Service
Photo: Oman Meteorology/Twitter

Muscat: The latest weather alert from the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) stated that Cyclone Mekunu is 270 km away from Salalah.

Weather prediction charts also showed that the tropical cyclone will intensify into a Category (2) storm within 12 hours, PACA announced in Alert No. 3 at 12:00 am.

According to the alert, “The latest charts and satellite imageries of the National Multi-Hazard and Early Warning Centre showed the continuous movement of the tropical cyclone. It also revealed that its centre is located at latitude 14.4 degrees North and longitude 55 degrees East, around 270 km away from Salalah city. The surface winds are blowing at speeds between 70 to 80 knots (130 to 148 Km/h)."

Latest weather maps and numerical weather prediction charts show that the tropical cyclone will intensify into Category (2) within 12 hours, with continuous cloud advection and heavy rain. The eye of the tropical cyclone will reach Dhofar on Friday morning, with very heavy thundershowers and strong gales.

The sea state will be rough along Dhofar and Al Wusta coasts with the maximum wave height between 8 and 12 metres, and it will also be rough along the South Al Sharqiyah coasts with the maximum wave height between 3 and 4 metres.

PACA has also asked people to avoid venturing into the sea, and to be wary of wadis and flowing water.

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