Ramadan: Celebrating togetherness
May 23, 2018 | 6:26 PM
by Times News Service
The Jame’ Al Sultan Said Bin Taimur mosque is situated in Al Khuwair 33, nearby Higher College of Technology.

Images of Worship

Jame’ Al Sultan Said Bin Taimur - Al Khuwair

Jame’ Al Sultan Said Bin Taimur is one of the most visually striking mosques in Oman that has a distinctive architecture inspired by the Ottoman-era. The mosque was built in 1999 and named after His Majesty’s beloved father. This architectural beauty is adorned with warm colour palettes, shiny tiled walls, and iconic bronzed dome, alongside its pointy minarets. The mosque is situated in Al Khuwair 33, nearby Higher College of Technology.

*This mosque has a Ladies’ Prayer Hall.

Herbal tea

Health Tips

Drink Herbal Tea

Residents of Oman truly love their karak chai (milk-based tea), but for Ramadan replace your milky drink habit for a much better and healthier tea. Go for green, black, herbal, or oolong teas, and preferably loose leaves, as these tasty sips carry loads of antioxidants, caffeine to supress hunger, and may contribute to weight loss.

Harira Panna Cotta

Iftar Recipes

Harira Panna Cotta

Recipe by Shabeena Farooq

Harira is a drink blended with nuts often prepared during Ramadan. Here I present it in a form of panna cotta.


• 1/2 cup walnuts

• 1/4 cup almonds

• 1/4 cup cashewnuts

• 1 tablespoon basmati rice

• 1/2 cup coconut milk (thick)

• 1 litre fresh milk (double cream)

• 1 tablespoon fennel powder

• Saffron-few

• 2 tablespoon ghee

• 15g agar agar

• 1/2 cup sugar


Soak walnuts, almonds, cashewnuts and basmati rice for about 3-4 hours. De-skin walnuts and almonds. Grind walnuts, almonds, cashewnuts, and basmati rice using coconut milk into a paste. In a pan add milk, allow it to boil. Add ground paste to this along with fennel powder, few saffron strings, and ghee. Keep stirring it continuously for about 10-15 minutes. Meanwhile soak agar agar for about 10 minutes. Add this to the above along with sugar and remaining coconut milk. Cook further for 10 more minutes until agar agar dissolves completely. Once done let it cool. Pour it in a tray. Allow to refrigerate for about 2-3 hours. Cut according to the desire shape and serve. [email protected]

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