Lunar Cinemas: Watch a movie only with your favourites
April 18, 2018 | 5:34 PM
by Times News Service
Lunar Cinemas in Qurum

While most of us are aware that there are different ways of experiencing a movie apart from the usual 2D, 3D or 4D formats in a multiplex near you, such as open air theatres and drive-ins, not many have had the opportunity to try them all. However, with the introduction of Lunar Cinemas into the robust market of cinemas, viewers now have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive private screenings.

While football is the priority sport in Oman, watching movies could easily pass as the priority after-sport. The people of Oman, both locals and expats, have proven to be movie fanatics and have shown their love for all kinds of films, ranging from hardcore Hollywood action movies to sci-fis to dramatic Bollywood movies. Even regional movies have done extremely well in Oman, with full houses being a common sight, especially when blockbusters are released. Hence, it only makes sense to bring innovation into this sector.

Going to a theatre is considered a wholesome experience, where you go with your family, friends or even alone to a multiplex, buy nachos or popcorn, and get lost in the world of movies. The fact that the industry is still up and running, even when brand new movies are telecast on TV just a few weeks after their release, and when new films can be watched almost immediately on legal platforms like Netflix, it goes to show that people go to the cinemas, not just to watch a movie, but to experience it.

Since Oman has longer hotter summers than winters, and the summer has just begun, open air theatres might not be the best idea for those who want to enjoy a private screening of their favourite movies with just their own friends. To the rescue of such people comes Lunar Cinemas, Oman’s first private screening theatre, with its soothingly comfortable furniture, perfect ambience, and great audio-visual quality.

Nestled in the basement of Al Araimi Shopping Centre, Lunar Cinemas is the latest addition to Oman’s ever-growing cinema formats.

From single screens to multiplexes to IMAX to 4D theatres, and now private theatres, the industry has seen an evolution. Lunar Cinemas is the best cross between watching a movie in an intimate setting with just the people you want around you, and the screen and sound quality that a public theatre has to offer. Basically, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

There are screens that can accommodate 7, 8 or 10 people. The comfortable black leather seats that recline to about 180 degrees are capable of putting you to sleep but, thankfully, the movies they have in stock will keep you awake. The screens are an average single screen theatre size and the service is brilliant. Instead of having to stand in long queues to buy nachos, you are given a menu card and an attendant will come to take your order. You don’t have to worry about laughing too loud, speaking to your buddies or even having popcorn fights in the theatre.

They have a list of movies that you choose from, so pick your date and time to enjoy a fan private screening experience with your friends and family this summer.


Al Araimi Shopping Centre

Qurum, Muscat

+968 2206 6001

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