Lebanese piano playing cleric expelled from seminary

World Monday 26/March/2018 21:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Lebanese piano playing cleric expelled from seminary

Beirut: A cleric has been expelled from his seminary in Lebanon after a video of his piano playing, posted online, drew criticism from conservatives, he said.
Sayed Hussein Al Husseini, 38, a keen pianist and amateur poet, posted the footage.
But the sight of a main in turban and robe performing - even demure classical music - at the piano was a step too far for some.
Husseini said the Al Thaqalain seminary in Beirut had expelled him, cancelling his stipend.
It declined to comment.
Husseini posted the video earlier in March on his social media account and said that within one hour it was viewed more than 10,000 times.
In addition to the music, Husseini regularly posts love poems he has written.