Tropical Juices & Ice Cream to open three new franchises in Oman
March 17, 2018 | 6:28 PM
by Times News Services
The churned ice creams and juices are made from scratch and are refreshing and flavourful at the Tropical Juices & Ice Cream.

Tropical Juices & Ice Cream will have three new franchises in Nizwa, Sohar and Barka this year. “It is the first local ice cream brand that has been take up as a franchise in the Sultanate,” said Najeeb Al Balushi, a proud owner of the brand and CEO of Golden Spoon Company.

“We are a proud 100 per cent Omani brand, enjoying over 20 years of success. We are thus an integral part of a dynamic community continuing to win more and more hearts.” Tropical Juices & Ice Cream is the largest manufacturer of home-made ice creams with 16 branches scattered all over Muscat, and will now be expanding its roots in other cities to cater to more ice cream and juice lovers.

“Our emphasis is on purity and freshness and therefore we only use the highest quality of ingredients and indulge with no additives or preservatives,” Najeeb informed. “Our churned ice creams and juices are made from scratch and are uniquely refreshing and flavourful.”

Najeeb further said that he will support young GCC entrepreneurs, especially Omani nationals, by involving them in the franchise model. “We will offer preference to GCC national to participate as our partners in franchising our brand, and structure the franchise model reflective of the values of the GCC countries. “In addition, we will provide such partnership with cost effective methods in mind.”

Tropical Juices and Ice Cream’s journey began with a small parlour but with a great idea in mind, ‘stay bonded to nature, and share its glory with the community as a whole’. Its juices and ice creams are 100% natural and constitute its core strengths.

Each of its products sparkles with contents giving respect to nature’s beautiful gifts. It is driven by a well-thought philosophy ‘Tropical-osophy’ as a tribute to Mother Nature for the bounty she offers enabling it to develop into a thriving brand. Its emphasis is on purity and freshness. It makes sure to use 100% fresh ingredients for its mouth-watering products, appealing to the taste buds of the customers.

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