10 things motorists need to keep in mind before summer
March 3, 2018 | 12:14 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: ROP Traffic/Twitter

Muscat: With summer just around the corner in Oman, Royal Oman Police (ROP) has urged motorists to prepare for some of the hottest months of the year.

In a statement online, ROP Traffic recently put out 10 tips for drivers and said, "If you want to drive safely and without problems, check your car better."

Here are the points the authorities put out.

1) Examine the paint

After making sure the car is clean, a thorough inspection of the car's paint is recommended. Stones on the road can damage paint especially during summer, when temperatures rise drastically.

2)Change your tyres

Tyres used in winter should be changed in summer after a thorough inspection.

3) Check the brakes

Changing car tyres offers motorists a chance to get their car's brakes checked as well. Additionally, brake tubes at the bottom of the vehicle should be inspected. Small stones could cause damage and corrosion.

4) Check the engine space

Several things can accumulate in the engine space, including foliage, so it's advisable to check the space. Engine and brake oil should be checked too, while one should also clean glass surfaces and make sure that coolant and other required liquids are refilled. While not mandatory, these procedures are highly recommended by specialists.

5) Replace windshield wipers

Rubber windshield wipers can get damaged due to dust and dirt, often causing distortions and leaving abrasions on the windshield, so it is advised that one should check the wipers. Motorists should also check the rubber seals on all the doors and should treat them with a little warm water and silicone grease. Also, clean the windshield from inside the car.

6) Cleaning the interior of the vehicle

In case you've been travelling to the colder parts of Oman during winter or live there, remove all winter equipment from your car such as ice scrappers and ice chains among other things.

7) Change the interior compartment filter

The interior compartment filter can accumulate dust, soot, and pollen. According to Ulrich Koster of the Central Association of the German Auto Industry, clean filters prevent the spread of germs. Internal compartment filters should be changed every 15 thousand km at the most.

8) Check the car suspension set

All car suspension work must be checked and carried out by specialists only.

9) Inspect the whole car

The German Automobile Industry Association has recommended a thorough inspection of the vehicle once it leaves a wintry setting.

10) Wash your car

Philippe Sander of the Automobilclub Mobil von Deutschland advises that the washing process should begin with an initial treatment by a high-pressure cleaning device, which makes it easier to remove dirt that may otherwise damage the car paint. In general, the first washing after winter is of particular importance, and the bottom of the car should be included to remove sand and other contaminants.

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