Indian media condemned for insensitive coverage of Sridevi’s death
February 28, 2018 | 3:55 PM
by Times News Service
Photo of late Indian actress Sridevi. Photo: Sridevi/Instagram.

Muscat: Several Indian media houses were condemned by many, including celebrities, across India for the insensitive reporting about Indian actress Sridevi’s death.

The actress passed away in Dubai, where she attended a family wedding, on Saturday due to accidental drowning and not cardiac arrest as was earlier reported.

When the Dubai Prosecutor’s office announced that the late actress’ body would be released only after another round of investigation, several media houses started circulating theories about her death. One theory discussed how she had undergone several surgeries to lose weight and that lead to her "cardiac arrest". But once it was revealed that she died due to “accidental drowning”, her death was simulated by various sections of the media.

From journalists sleeping in bathtubs while explaining their theory of what could’ve occurred during Sridevi’s final moments, and creating the hashtag “Sridevideathmystery” to discussing how alcohol was one of the reasons behind her death, the media did it all.

Indian celebrities tweeted their displeasure, here are some of the reactions:

Designer Masaba Mantena: Do yourselves & your family a favour .. put that TV off,I am amazed that news channels are stooping to this level & ppl think it’s ok to come on a panel & discuss this!there are two very young girls who lost their mom,pls pls stop this.

Actor Riteish Deshmukh: ‏It's a bloody circus. Some of the TV channels have dug new lows for themselves. Let’s give #Sridevi Ji & her family the dignity & respect they deserve.

Stand-up comedian Vir Das: Dear Indian news channels, show a little tact. Parasites. #Sridevi

Director Shekhar Kapur: ...and finally as #Sridevi takes her last journey tomorrow from her home to the cremation ground , all the ugliness created by speculators will be burnt to ashes too. One day we will look back ourselves and ask, why are we so ghoulish? Were these really fans that loved her?

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