Millennia-old artefacts found at Oman archaeological site
February 5, 2018 | 9:15 PM
by Times News Service
Archaeological finds in the Wilayat of Dhank. Photo: Supplied.

Muscat: Beads, arrowheads and vessels with distinctive markings were discovered in the Wilayat of Dhank, the Ministry of Heritage and Culture said.

All the finds date back to anywhere from the third to the first millennium BC.

In a statement the Ministry said: “The Ministry of Heritage and Culture recently completed excavation work at the Shakur site in the Wilayat of Dhank, in cooperation with a US mission from the University of Temple headed by Dr. Kimberly William.”

Talking about the discoveries, the Ministry said, “Several archaeological finds were discovered including beads, arrowheads and trade stamps. The most prominent finds this season were vessels made of chloride with distinctive engravings inside. It also has some text that likely belonged to the Andalusian civilisation. Future studies will reveal more information about this text and the importance of this archeological and commercial site.”

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