River Seine levels rise further as Paris braces for major flooding risk
January 27, 2018 | 5:06 PM
by Reuters
Paris police navigate on the Seine River that overflowed its banks as heavy rains throughout the country have caused flooding, in Paris, France, on January 26, 2018. Photo - Reuters

Paris: The levels of the River Seine in Paris rose further on Saturday and were set to hit a peak this weekend, according to official estimates, and French authorities were on standby for any major flooding risk.

The government's "Vigicrues" flood monitoring body showed a slight increase overnight in the levels of the river in the capital, which could get close to peaks last seen in 2016.

The Seine's overflowing waters have already engulfed riverside walkways in Paris and led the Louvre museum to close a basement display of Islamic art.

It has also resulted in the famous "Bateaux Mouches" tourist boats being shut down due to the high waters, swans swimming in places where there are usually pavements, and even rats being forced onto the streets of Paris due to the flood.

Flooding caused destruction in Paris in 1910 when the Seine rose by 8.65 metres.

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