Information Minister launches new era in hi-tech media in Oman
January 23, 2018 | 11:23 PM
by Times News Service
MMG launched new radio stations T FM and Shabiba FM under the auspices of Dr Abdul Mon’em bin Mansour Al Hassani, Minister of Information. Taleb Al Wahibi

Muscat: T FM – Oman’s newest and brightest radio station, was launched on Tuesday night at a gala event at the radio station headquarters. The voice of Times of Oman, T FM, together with fellow Arabic broadcaster Shabiba FM, will drive the latest evolution in the media landscape in Oman.

In pictures: Launch of T FM Radio by Oman’s Minister of Information

Muscat Media Group was praised by senior officials for being at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to delivering news to the residents of Oman.

Now the stations will go live across Oman, with a heady mix of news, views, music and chat.

The frequency of Shabiba FM to broadcast in the governorates of Muscat and North Al Batinah is 97.5 MHz, and in Dhofar Governorate 98.5 MHz. Tune in online on the website:

The broadcast for T FM is 95.4 MHz for the governorates of Muscat and North Al Batinah and 91 MHz for Dhofar. Direct broadcast of T FM through the website is on:

Muscat Media Group launched new radio stations T FM and Shabiba FM at an event held under the auspices of Dr Abdul Mon’em bin Mansour Al Hassani, Minister of Information, in the presence of a number of senior government officials, businessmen and media managers.

Muscat Media Group Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Times of Oman Mohamed Issa Al Zadjali said: “We are moving ahead in the media field by embracing technology. These two new radio stations are a signal of our intent to harness the hi-tech delivery of news and music. It’s a great day for all concerned with Muscat Media Group and for the media landscape in Oman,”

CEO of Muscat Media Group and editor in chief of Al Shabiba, Ahmed Essa Al Zedjali, said that the launch of the stations comes as part of the group’s future outlook and vision for provision of integrated and comprehensive media services, adding: “We are keen to employ innovative technology for the provision of professional media, which achieves interaction with the public.

“Our audience can directly access our programmes through our website or our web pages via social media. The Shabiba FM and T FM radio stations host over 28 media products offered by Muscat Media Group through its various media arms.”

Director of Shabiba FM , Isa Al Moula gave a speech in which he said that Muscat Media Group is fully devoted to providing effective and quality media services. The two radio stations Shabiba FM and T FM are relentlessly working to cement a healthy and positive lifestyle and communicating news to the public with the utmost reliability and credibility.

Khalid bin Hilal Al Mawali, chairman of Majlis Al Shura, said that the world now listens rather than reads, adding: “Hence, we are in need of whoever is able to communicate and convey the Omani culture to the audience in a more acceptable manner.”

Chairman of Oman Journalist Association (OJA), Awadh bin Said Baqwair said present and future generations will be delighted with the presence of such modern media.

He said Muscat Media Group was one of the first media institutions to immerse itself in all aspects of modern media in the Sultanate.

Ride the crest of music wave, tune in to T FM radio at 95.4Hz

T FM 95.4 is at the crest of the new, fresh wave of 24-hr International music in the Sultanate of Oman .

Part of the Muscat Media Group brand based in Muscat, T FM pride themselves on bringing you some the best music across the nation.

Catering to a younger audience as well as our more mature listeners, T FM dishes out music to suit everyone’s palette.

T FM Programme Director Garima Bhandari believes that the new station will break all radio standards across the Sultanate.

“Within this framework we have an extensive range of programming and put together we deliver an eclectic variety of music to conjure up a sound that is both sophisticated and interesting.”

However, playing the hippest and the newest International music is just one of the reasons you must tune into T FM.

From chilling on weekends to whiling away the hours you spend in traffic, T FM 95.4 is sure to ensure you don’t live even a single dull moment.

“We are currently in the middle of a test phase,” Bhandari said.

“We are conducting testing to make sure that our signals are clear and so that we can be heard all over the Sultanate. We are very excited to move forward with our station and can’t wait to show Oman what T FM is all about,” Bhandari added.

The different programmes on air will also keep listeners in the Sultanate informed about the latest happenings in Oman and around the world, sprinkled with a dash of humour and made memorable by quirky show segments.

T FM aims to be more than just a radio station as we represent a unique perspective for those who thrive in the age of being connected and informed, for those who believe in the power of music to bring people together, and of course, for those who can’t wait to hear the latest and the best of international music.

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