Disney characters come alive at Naseem Garden
January 22, 2018 | 4:33 PM
by Times News Service
Photo by Shabin E

While there are plenty of exciting activities to do at Naseem Garden, the Disney characters like Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast are appealing the children and the adults alike.

For Alice in Wonderland characters there were the Queen of Hearts, Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and black and red playing cards. The Mad Hatter went around and asked the children if they have seen the Queen of Hearts, also known as the Red Queen. The kids screamed altogether and said: “She’s behind you.” Then he runs away leaving the children in laughter.

The children were fascinated and full of excitement and joy by participating and taking pictures with the characters. Nine-year-old Ahmed Khalil said: “My favourite character is the Mad Hatter.” He continued: “The Mad Hatter pointed at my cap and said that he liked it.”

Another 12-year-old girl said: “I love all characters and I watched their movie.” By around 7pm, more Disney characters showed up, Beauty and the Beast. The characters that were present were the Beast, Belle, Mrs. Potts and two more fictional characters. They all walked around Naseem Garden taking pictures with children and adults as well as greeting them. One of the parents at the garden spoke to Times of Oman: “Even though these fictional characters are for kids but I’m a fan of Disney, so I like everything they do.” The parent continued and said: “I watched the classic version of Beauty and the Beast and the recent one as well.”

Ten-year-old Salma Abbas said: “I like Belle and I used to have a dress like her. I wore it for a school party.” The Disney fictional characters will entertain the visitors everyday during the period of Muscat Festival at Naseem Garden. They will walk around the whole garden to take pictures and play with the children.

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