Rides and fireworks attracting children at Muscat Festival
January 21, 2018 | 4:48 PM
by Times News Service

If you have a flair for games and adventurous rides, then Naseem Garden is the right place to be during the festival.

As you walk inside the venue gates, you can see the sprawling ground almost primed to perfection. Decorative lights illuminate the entrance and pathways that lead to the different attractions.

This year, more than 30 rides and a fireworks show at Naseem Garden are attracting visitors in droves. There are six rides exclusively for adults, 10 are for families, and 15 for children.

Regarding the prices of the rides, the saleswoman manning one counter said: “The adult rides like Crazy Dance, Tagada, Royal Coaster, Go Car, Mega Drop, and G Force cost between two to four Omani Rials. Family games, such as Racing Rapids, Pirate Ship, Dolphin Miami, Worm Wacky, Bing Swinger, and many more, cost between one and one a half rials.”

There are many rides for children, and pocket-friendly, too, which are proving to be a great draw. Starting from 500baisa to a rial, these rides are quite popular among children. With glee writ on their faces, you can see them enjoying the breathtaking roller-coaster rides, laughing and screaming as they come hurtling down.

Maryam Al Balushi, a ten-year-old girl said: “I went on the Pirate Ship twice. It was the most fun game I tried.”

Her 16-year-old brother added, “I went on all the adult rides and they were awesome. Of all the games, I enjoyed Crazy Dance and Tagada the most.”

Apart from the rides, the fireworks displays at Naseem Garden are a major attraction. These fireworks take place at around eight in the evening and last for approximately 10 minutes.

Schawana Al Kasabi, one of the visitors, remarked “The fireworks were good. My siblings enjoyed it as well. But it’s for a very short duration.”

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