Bollywood superstars set internet aflame at 2019 Met Gala
May 9, 2019 | 3:26 PM
by Times News Service
Image credits: Twitter

New York: Bollywood’s finest managed to set the internet alight after they were seen in their quirky outfits at the 2019 Met Gala.

Organised as a fundraiser by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, the aesthetic for 2019 was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ and some (nay, most) of those who did decide to attend decided to stick to the truest version of camp: something that intends to take itself seriously, but cannot, because it is too extravagant and over the top.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra-Jonas was one of those who did attend, in a Dior dress that seemed to be modelled on the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, with makeup and nails by Pattie Yankee and Pati Dubroff.

Her silver outfit did raise plenty of eyebrows among people on the internet.

Abdullah Azmi said: “After getting into this look, I think you have forgotten to look in the mirror, madam,” and Vishal Singh added: “Priyanka Chopra, this was good for Halloween!” as Zahir Shah called her hair a ‘bird’s nest’.

Image credits: Twitter

However, there were others who praised PC’s look, calling it exactly what the Met Gala called for.

“You are always looking stunning in all the met galas you've been. Definitely you know how to make an entrance, just amazing,” said Caroline Chacon, as Twitter user Carla added; “Nailing the theme since the first Met. That’s my girl.”

Deepika Padukone was another Bollywood celeb at the show, and her elaborate off-the-shoulder shiny pink princess gown was intended to be her take on camp Barbie.

Her presence at the Met Gala certainly seemed to get Canadian-Indian YouTube star Lilly Singh excited. Singh, who was also present at the show, and literally jumped over furniture to find and meet Padukone.

“Searched the entire Met Gala, knocked over 6 chairs with my dress, got stepped on by 16 people and got a cramp... to find my sister Deepika Padukone and give her a hug. Worth it,” she said on Twitter.

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