Hundreds join search for Southern California mudslide victims
January 15, 2018 | 12:26 PM
by Times TV

Days after mudslides swept through Southern California, hundreds of new rescuers have begun searching for survivors as the death toll rose to 20.

Hundreds more emergency workers joined the search for victims of deadly mudslides north of Los Angeles, California.

Search efforts have become more frantic as the window for finding anyone still alive slowly closes.

Another body was pulled from the debris on Sunday, bringing the death toll to 20.

The search continues for four others still missing.

Heavy rains sent floods of water and mud through Santa Barbara County last Tuesday.

California officials say 30 square miles of homes, businesses and roads were destroyed. One local resident fears that, even businesses that survived the mudslides will now fail for lack of customers.

SOT Woman: I think it's gonna be tough for all of them. I know that they (the local businesses) really want to open. My mom was telling me, all those stores, they lose business every single day. I was thinking about this inn. It's now not functional. The longer the recovery takes, the harder it's gonna be for them to bounce back. Crews are trying to clear creek beds so the area won't be flooded again, if another hard rain falls.

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