Al Injaz school honoured by the Oman Special Olympics committee
January 11, 2018 | 3:10 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: Al Injaz Private School — Section for Special Needs is proud to be an active participant of the Special Olympics 2017-18.

Students from the Section for Special Needs of the school have been selected to participate in the sports events of swimming and tennis at Abu Dhabi in March 2018.

The Oman Special Olympics committee felicitated the students of the Section for Special Needs of Al Injaz Private School, at Muscat College on January 9, 2018, for their keen interest and active participation in the games organised. The students and parents were warmly welcomed and games, competitions and entertainment programs were organized for them. The students were bestowed with medals for participation.

Al Injaz Private School — Section for Special Needs believes in motivating and involving these students in academics, sports and activities of daily living to help them to be groomed into confident individuals, to lead an independent life based on their special abilities.

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