Expat labour law rights manual released by Oman government
January 8, 2018 | 8:43 PM
by ONA
The manual aims at advising expatriates working for the private sector

Muscat: Expats living and working in Oman now have an official guide to their rights and obligations, thanks to the Sultanate's Human Rights Commission.

The commission (OHRC) has issued a bilingual Arabic and English manual of the rights and obligations of expatriate manpower.

The manual advises expatriates working in the private sector of their rights and obligations with relation to work, laws and legislations regularising this work and the organisations in charge of following up and investigating violations.

The manual also provides an overview about religious tolerance in the Sultanate and some facts about the Sultanate.

The manual provides a summary for religious, cultural, educational and health rights, as well as the rights related to freedom of religious rituals practice. It also provides valuable information on the obligations of expatriate workers, procedures for getting residence permits, how to join labour unions, the available labour unions in the Sultanate and methods to notify violations.

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