His Majesty the Sultan gets greetings from defence minister
December 11, 2017 | 6:53 PM
by ONA
His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has received greetings cable from Sayyid Badr bin Saud bin Harib Al Busaidi, Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs, on the occasion of the Armed Forces Day.

In his cable, the Minister Responsible for Defence Affairs said: "Your Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

"The 11th of December is a significant day of the Omani military history as on this day we remember with high esteem and respect all those who fought for the blessed Renaissance march and to make Oman a modern and advanced nation that is proud of its deep-rooted cultural heritage. It is also an occasion to remember those who have offered the most precious sacrifice for this nation. On this auspicious occasion it is an honour for me and your courageous armed forces and all ministry affiliates to express to Your Majesty our best wishes and greetings and we pray to the Almighty Allah to keep Your Majesty as the leader of this dear nation and perpetuate peace and security in the Sultanate.

“Your Majesty, Marking the Armed Forces Day is a recognition from Your Majesty to the loyal soldiers who realised that making history is through sacrifice and contribution to the humanitarian development. The history of any given nation is made by the bright effects made by their loyal citizens, by those who spend every precious to ensure pride and dignity of their countries. This day will always reflect the ability of the Omanis to overcome challenges and proceed with confident steps towards brighter future and more prosperous and dignified Oman.

"Your Majesty, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, While marking this auspicious occasion, your courageous armed forces and all the affiliates of the Ministry of Defence express with loyalty their utmost thanks and gratitude for You Majesty's continuous care and support. They pledge before Your Majesty to eliminate the difficulties and challenges and work wisely to ensure dignity of Oman, build a bright present and prepare for a brighter future. Your Majesty, the Armed Forces are always guided by Your Majesty's wise directives. We appeal to the Almighty Allah to safeguard you as the leader to this blessed march. We pray for many returns of this occasion on Your Majesty with good health and happiness and on the armed forces with further might, prosperity, pride and victory.

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