Oman's skies to shine with meteor showers
December 10, 2017 | 4:26 PM
by Staff Reporter

Muscat: Oman's skies will shine with meteor showers on Wednesday and Thursday, according to stargazers.

Meteor showers will be visible on Wednesday night and at dawn on Thursday, December 13 and 14.

Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al Mahrouqi, a member of the Oman Astronomical Society said "Meteor showers fall as they are launched from Gemini constellation active during the current period where these meteors are one of the best meteors."

He added that astronomical calculations indicate that this storm of meteors is at its peak on Wednesday evening until dawn on Thursday, December 13-14, 2017. There could be as many as 120 meteors per hour, experts say.

Al Mahrouqi explained that the stars will be spotted shining in the night sky adding to monitor three of the planets shortly before the sunrise, which are Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

Mahrouqi explained that the monitoring must be from an open area away from sources of light pollution and looking towards the eastern horizon after midnight on Wednesday and before dawn on Thursday.

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