Egypt launches air strikes on militants they say connected to Sinai attack
November 26, 2017 | 12:18 PM
by Times TV

Egypt’s military said on Saturday it had carried out air strikes and raids overnight against militants held responsible for killing hundreds of worshippers at a mosque in North Sinai.

Mourners pay their respects at the funerals for the hundreds of worshippers killed at a mosque in Egypt on Friday (24 November).

One day after the bloodiest attack in Egypt's modern history, witnesses say a bomb struck a mosque in the town of Bir Al Abed, in the north Sinai region.

Scores of gunmen set up outside the building in off-road vehicles, then opened fire on those trying to escape.

No group has claimed responsibility, but officials say the attackers were carrying an IS flag.

The militant group has a surviving branch in the region, after it suffered defeats in Iraq and Syria.

Egypt's battle against insurgents in Sinai has worsened since the 2013 revolution, militants have killed hundreds of police and soldiers in the region.

On Friday (24 November) president Fatah al Sisi said he will respond with quote "brute force to combat the terrorists".

Overnight, Egypt's military said it had carried out air strikes and raids In Cairo, residents are angry over the mosque attack.

CAIRO RESIDENT, WAFAA, SAYING: "If one person dies that's unfair. It is unfair what is happening to the Egyptian people. It is unfair for our children, siblings and families. If is unfair for a person to die holding his son on his arm. Did God order this? Where is faith, religion and Islam that they call for?"

Local sources says some of the worshippers were Sufi muslims, groups such as IS consider that branch of islam targets because they revere saints and shrines, which to militants is idolatry.

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