WATCH: Set an example to others, says Pakistan's ambassador to Oman residents
November 24, 2017 | 8:39 AM
by Gautam Viswanathan, [email protected]
Pakistan's ambassador to the Sultanate, Ali Javed.

Muscat: Pakistan's Ambassador to Oman has asked residents in the country to uphold the letter and spirit of the law in the best possible manner, so that others will be inspired to do the same.

In an exclusive interview with Times of Oman, ambassador Ali Javed asked expatriates who come to Oman to live and work, to respect the laws laid down by their Omani hosts, thereby setting an example to others to follow in their lead.

"Oman is a country of opportunity and anybody who visits this country falls in love with it, its natural beauty its history its serenity, and its peace," said Javed. "There are a lot of opportunities for the youth and the people that come here, looking for a livelihood.

"I would like to encourage more and more people to visit this beautiful country, and once they do, I would like them to set an example of the highest standards, if they get employed for example, to set the highest standards of hard work and honesty so that they can contribute to the developments of the Omani civil society," he added. "We are very proud of our achievements so far and we would like to in fact continue to work with our Omani hosts and make this country even greater."

This is Javed’s seventh diplomatic posting across five continents, and having seldom seen a nation as peaceful and tolerant as Oman, he was quick to praise His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said's tireless efforts and dedication towards making the Sultanate a warm and welcoming place to all.

"Pakistan itself has 272,000 Pakistanis living very peacefully and enjoying the Omani hospitality. On this very special occasion, on behalf of the entire Pakistani community, I would like to relay my sentiments of gratitude to the great Omani nation and their great, great leader."

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