Oman dining: Try Another Fine Day restaurant
November 22, 2017 | 4:43 PM
by Shruthi Nair

It was just the other day when I had gone to watch a movie at Azaiba Mall with my family and on our way back we were desperately looking for a restaurant for a quick bite. I had heard about a new restaurant called Another Fine Day, which had opened near Centara Hotel, so at around 11pm we went on a treasure hunt to find it. Pro tip: Follow Google maps when you go.

Nestled amongst many residential buildings is Another Fine Day, a spacious restaurant and café that serves all kinds of cuisine. When we entered the first thing I noticed was how the restaurant was split in three sections.

The cosy red walled part with wide café had cushioned chairs, little round tables, a book shelf with a good collection of books on one side; the green walled cubicle-like family room on the other side, and a huge open with chairs and tables in the middle that could easily accommodate about 50 people.

We chose a comfortable corner and each of us decided to order individually, because the menu list had a wide range of options to choose from. Because I wasn’t as hungry, thanks to the overdose of nachos, popcorns, and Pepsi at the theatre, I decided to go light and picked the first item that caught my eyes on the menu card —the harmless and simple cheese toast because it looked super tempting in the picture. As I wasn’t in a mood to talk being too tired, I wandered off to the café section, grabbed a Jeffrey Archer, found a window seat and got lost in it until the food finally arrived.

I was surprised to see my cheese toast look as tempting as I had imagined. In all my eating out experiences that hardly ever happened before. But this time not only did my order look like what was shown on the menu but most other dishes looked and smelled pretty great. I took a large bite into my toast and the spices and herbs along with mozzarella tasted delicious.

Next was the sheesh kebab, which was well-cooked and well-flavoured but probably tasted a little incomplete because of the absence of a sauce or dip. I moved on to the chicken cordon bleu and it took me a while to take my hands off it. Breaded chicken stuffed with cheese with veggies and mashed potatoes ... what’s not to like. What made it better was how each of the elements of this dish was cooked perfectly and with precision to retain its juiciness. My dad enjoyed the creamy and cheesy, Alfredo pasta, just the way I relish it.

While I regretted for eating all that finger junk during the three hours in the theatre, I still could not resist the temptation of a sizzling brownie. The brownie was soft, and to watch and hear the sound of the chocolate syrup drizzle on the sizzler tray was a sheer joy.

I can actually see my self coming back here, especially for the café and spending hours in the window seat with my favourite novel and lots of food in regular intervals. I think I’ve found my café in Ghala. — [email protected]

Another Fine Day

Al Azaiba South, Bousher, Muscat

+968 9469 6900

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