Possible signals from missing Argentine submarine
November 19, 2017 | 12:44 PM
by Times TV

Argentina's defence ministry says that several failed "satellite calls" that it believes came from a missing naval submarine have been detected, in a likely sign the crew of 44 was trying to reestablish contact.

A sign of hope for the families of the 44 crew members on board a missing Argentine navy submarine.

On Saturday, the defense ministry said it believes it's detected seven failed "satellite calls" from the vessel.

A possible indicator that the crew has been trying to reestablish communications.

The location of the ARA San Juan hasn't been known since Wednesday, when it last made contact 268 miles off Argentina's southern Atlantic coast.

Authorities in Argentina are now working on tracing the calls, while an international search mission is underway. But that's been complicated by recent stormy weather.

The navy says an electrical outage on the submarine may have caused its problems.

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