Weekend Events Oman (November 2017)
November 15, 2017 | 6:26 PM
by Times News Service
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16.11.2017 THURSDAY

4.00pm, Eat Muscat Eat

It is time to eat like there is no tomorrow. Go for the Muscat Eat Food Festival with your family and/or friends and enjoy a variety of dishes and a number of other activities.

Al Mouj Golf

+968 9291 6203

17.11.2017 FRIDAY

4.00pm, Beat It

Join the epic Drum Circle with percussionists Lennon Ruiz and Ernesto Raymat, from Havana, Cuba. The hour long session will prove to be therapeutic. OMR 3 per person

Classic Music and Arts Institute

+968 9545 4666

8.00am, What’s SUP

Go for a half day paddling tour to the gorgeous Bander Al Khayran over the turquoise water of the peaceful ocean. OMR 25 including rentals

Watersport Oman

+968 9269 4962

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