OTE Group launches Traffic Safety Awareness programme to educate children
November 13, 2017 | 6:36 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: With an aim to educate the future drivers with the importance of traffic safety, Hyundai - OTE Group have initiated a CSR programme titled ‘Safer Roads, Happier Families’.

Under this initiative, a series of drawing competitions for schoolchildren will be held, apart from other educational programmes. This programme is aimed at creating awareness amongst children at a very early stage, as most drivers involved in the road accidents are young.

This programme is supported by Hyundai Motor Company as it recognises its corporate social responsibilities as part of its core values. Traffic safety is a pressing issue for schoolchildren. Drawing competition is one of the significant ways to create awareness and educate the importance of traffic safety, thus enabling children to think and learn in an easy and fun way.

As a part of this initiative, traffic safety picture books and other promotional materials will also be distributed to school children, so that they can learn about basic traffic safety rules and manners in a way that is easy to understand. These materials are not only designed to educate young children about the dangers but also to plant the seeds of correct traffic mentalities in children, at a very early stage.

As one of the leading player in the auto industry, Hyundai always believes in doing good things in the communities in which it operates. With the aim of enhancing awareness of traffic safety amongst young children, the next generation of the country, this CSR programme in the field of traffic safety is expected to provide positive impact amongst the future drivers and they grow up to enjoy the convenience and joys of driving,

Hyundai Motor Company is addressing traffic safety not only by educating the people through various initiatives across the globe but also through the development of safe vehicles. Hyundai is constantly striving to make safety features more advanced and innovative. Some of the recently developed advanced safety features include automatic emergency braking that senses when a crash is imminent and automatically applies the brakes, lane departure warning that informs the driver with audible and visual cues if the car begins to drift out of the lane, brake assist that provides more stopping power when an emergency stop is detected, electronic stability control and traction control system to prevent the vehicle from skidding. This has resulted in many Hyundai models being awarded Top Safety Pick+, 5-Star Overall Safety Rating etc., from safety experts such as Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, USA and other leading organisations.

OTE Group represents Hyundai in Oman.

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