ahlibank’s MyHassad Instant Cash Back offer receives overwhelming response
November 13, 2017 | 3:26 PM
by Times News Service
Photo: Supplied

Muscat: ahlibank has been recognised as one of the preferred banks in the country. A modern bank that offers innumerable benefits, regular prizes and the best programmes to increase savings, ahlibank ensures it rewards its customers generously.

Its MyHassad saving account, in particular, has attracted the keen interest of many. Offering instant cash back for new deposits and a chance to win big in the prize draw, the MyHassad account has definitely stirred a lot of excitement amongst the people.

“We have received an outstanding response on our MyHassad Instant Cash Back campaign. We have had a lot of customers signing up for a new account and the numbers are growing every day,” said Hana Al Hinai – DGM Private Banking & Retail Banking Products Development. “We believe our success lies in our customer’s loyalty and we ensure we start rewarding them right from the beginning. The instant cash back is our way of showing gratitude for joining the ahlibank family.”

The campaign started in October and will go on until November 30. With only a few weeks remaining for the campaign, ahlibank urges everyone to open their account with MyHassad to make the most of the cashback offer and automatically get enrolled for all the prize draws. A customer simply has to place a new deposit into the MyHassad account, and he/she will instantly be rewarded with generous “cash back” which will be directly credited to their account. The amount offered as cash back depends on the deposit amount and can go up to a handsome figure of OMR1,000.To avail the offer, the minimum deposit amount should be OMR5,000. This is ahlibank’s way of encouraging people to save more. ahlibank follows a simple concept - the more you save, the more you earn. The customer, on making this first deposit automatically also gains entry into all of the frequent draws of MyHassad.

A multi-tier reward schemes for customers with varied savings and from different regions, MyHassad has draws spread through the year, giving customers a chance to win generous amounts in weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly draws including the mega end of year prize of OMR250,000 for one customer and another mega prize of OMR250,000 paid as a monthly “salary for life” of OMR1,000 for 250 months. Encouraging people to invest today for a better tomorrow, MyHassad focuses on enriching lives from one generation to the other.

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