This Omani educator is inventing new ways to teach school children

Energy Sunday 12/November/2017 22:28 PM
By: Times News Service
This Omani educator is inventing new ways to teach school children

Muscat: “You can actually teach math through dance”, said Omani educator Kamiliya Al Lamki.
Kamiliya, who is a consultant, ex-principal and teacher, was one of the 12 speakers at TedxQurum, which was held at the National Museum on Saturday.
“I work as a consultant with the Ministry, I worked as the principal of an international school in Oman, and before that I was a principal in the States and a teacher”, she said, speaking at an independently organised Ted Talk session, in which the theme was ‘Infuse Innovation. Inspire Imagination’.
“Ted is about sharing ideas that are worth talking about”, she noted.
“You have to be an aspiring speaker and you have to be out there to capture the audience and really be able to say what your Ideas are and why you’re sharing them. It celebrates human imagination.”
Kamiliya has worked throughout her career to encourage both students and teachers to be innovative thinkers.
“As children, they are innately creative. All our companies want innovative employees. Then what can we do now to bring up the future and prepare them?” she asked.
At the TedxQurum, Kamiliya tried to deliver her message about innovation in the field of education in a simple, yet impactful way.
“I’m speaking about how to develop the innovative learner and how to develop a creative educator. We spent most of our lives in schools and universities, but we never think about teaching creativity in schools. So how do you develop that creativity in kids, all the way through as parents, teachers, neighbours?” she asked.
She has invented her own innovative ways of teaching, which has worked well for her in the past. “I’ve found different ways to do innovative teaching, and to get my teachers to do it, as well. I’ve also allowed my teachers to be creative in allowing what subject matters to get across, and to get teachers from different disciplines to work together and bring the information to students”, she said.
Kamiliya is very positive about Oman’s future and believes in the system, as well as in bright young minds.
According to Kamiliya, Oman remains a very forward thinking nation.