An inspiring weight loss journey
November 8, 2017 | 5:11 PM
by Shruthi Nair

“I was a thin girl living in a fat girl’s body,” said Bosky, two years after she started her long and difficult yet most productive weight loss journey.

As a teenager Bosky started stress-eating. “I was always overweight and it was a vicious cycle. Somebody would make fun, I would go back home, feel miserable about it and eat because eating was my escape,” she said. While teenage years are supposed to be about school fun, blossoming little romances and some happy friendships, Bosky’s was filled with people picking on, thus disheartening and shattering her confidence.

“I kept eating and eating until I lost count about how much I could eat,” she remembered.

While teenage is the time when one goes through a lot of hormonal changes and you need supportive people, Bosky did not have any positive force, face, or voice. She kept on getting dragged down into the forbidden tunnel of depression.

Once in college in a different country she was constantly bullied by her classmates and she remained friendless and miserable. “I’m not sure if I didn’t have friends because I was fat or if I was a horrible person,” she laughs while talking about the impenetrable, tough facade she donned to cope with all the tyranny.

Her marital life too did not end up well and her weight became a hindrance there too. “I was told I was worthless every day until I reached 130kg,” she said. “With my pregnancy I put on another 25kg. When my daughter turned 3 months old I was 155kg.”

She knew that something had to change when her daughter was born and being a single mom added on to her worries. An extra 85 kg would make it both physically and emotionally taxing for her. However, she didn’t know how to start and didn’t have enough motivation for it.

However, a couple of years later, it came to her strong and hard in the form of an innocent child’s words. “One day I was sitting with my friend when my daughter goes and asks him to play.

“When my friend asked her to play with me she said mum’s always sleeping,” remembered Bosky.

This hit her hard and was Bosky’s much needed push, that pushed her to train hard, eat healthy, and completely change her lifestyle.

“I approached this friend of mine and asked him for help. He started weight training. He completely changed my diet and lifestyle.”

According to Bosky, the first two weeks were worse than child birth for her. “I used to have three big meals a day which was cut down to 6 small meals. High protein, low carb, high fat.” Her best friend and coach ensured she followed the regime strictly.

The first time she walked one kilometre she remembered collapsing and wanting to give up, but he would never let her give up. “There were days when he would lock the fridge, snatch my plate and walk off, and even put a duct tape on my mouth as a punishment for cheating,” recalled Bosky.

In fact she had even gone and paid money for surgery but on the day of the surgery, she panicked and decided against it. Turned out it was a good call, as two years later the overweight, underconfident, bullied Bosky had turned into a gorgeous, confident woman who had lost 85kg.

Until today, after she has shed the extra pounds and looks gorgeous as ever, she makes sure to workout every morning (except on weekends) without fail and vows to continue to eat healthy. However, following her coach’s advise she never starves herself and being a foodie never compromises on the food she eats.

“He used to tell me that if you have a craving, don’t stay away from it. Take a bite, roll it around your tongue, and move on,” she said.

“I proudly eat whatever I want, whenever I want. I’ve just learnt my body signs to stop when my body says it’s enough,” she added.

Today, Bosky goes to the beach to play football with her daughter and can have a good time running around and having fun with her and that is her biggest achievement. Not the random strangers appreciating her beauty, not the weight that shows on her scales, but her seven-year-old saying ‘Mom, let’s play longer’ and she being able to do it without the extra pounds stopping her from bringing a smile on her daughter’s face.

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