OmanPride: Omani student’s first novel garners over 40K views online
October 31, 2017 | 6:58 PM
by Times News Service
Manar Zahir Al Hosni's first novel Siren of the Desert.

Manar Zahir Al Hosni, an Omani student at Manchester University, wrote her first novel and got over 40,000 views. Manar wrote Sirens of the Desert and shared it online. The novel represents Arabian culture and “it was a theme I was definitely familiar with,” said Manar. Her novel is set in the Arabian desert. “It is based on the unique and radiant culture of Arabia,” she added.

The novel is about a woman, Maria, who has been taken as a prisoner and thrives for freedom from the man who has invaded her home town and claimed it as his property. She will stop at nothing to free herself from the devil.

“The story is my debut into the literary world,” Manar said who is currently writing her second novel, also set in historical Arabia. Her writing career began online and she took it as a first step to write and express her imagination in writing. Her idea of writing novels began at the age of 12.

“A dear friend of mine told me of a few English websites online, where I could publish for free,” she said. This budding writer dreams to be on the top with great authors, such as J.K. Rowling and James Patterson though her favourite ones are James Patterson, Karen Marie Moning, and Andrzej Sapkowski.

“I love a mixture of historical romance, fiction, and adventure with a flair of mystery,” Manar said about her favourite genres in the novel. Her family, friends, and followers have supported and congratulated Manar for publishing her first novel.

“I congratulate the law student Manar Al Hosni for her first novel Siren of the Desert. Proud of you Manar,” one of her followers said.

Manar is planning to publish her second novel as a hard copy as it is her next milestone and her ultimate success. “I will aim to have this one published as a hard copy.”

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