More mobile vet clinics for Oman
October 11, 2017 | 10:52 AM
by Times News Service
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Muscat: The second phase of the Mobile Veterinary Clinic project has begun with the launch of 12 vehicle clinics, the Ministry of Health announced.

The ministry launched 12 mobile veterinary clinics, as part of its MVC project which began in 2014.

The project is funded by Petroleum Development Company (PDO) and is now in its second phase.

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MVC consists of a car equipped with all diagnostic and treatment capabilities and immunization for all diseases, as well as performing various surgeries for animals.

The MVC project aims to provide the preventive, curative and instructional services to livestock breeders in various villages, mountainous areas, and valleys, far from the fixed clinics.

The MVC provides services such as treatment, medicines and surgeries, immunization, epidemiological investigation and veterinary consultation.

Dr. Fu'ad bin Ja'afar Al Sajwani, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries launched the mobile veterinary clinics (MVC) project in 2014 with the launch of 17 mobile clinics, which led to the treatment and vaccination of 66779 animals. In 2016 the mobile clinics treated and immunised 68950 livestock.

The MVC is distributed over various governorates of the Sultanate as follows: two clinics to each of Dhofar, North Al Batinah, South Al Batinah, Al Wusta, South A'Sharqiyah, North A'Sharqiyah Governorates and one clinic to A'Dakhiliyah, A'Dhahirah, Muscat, Al Buraimi and Musandam Governorates.

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