Oman Majlis Al Shura Office meet reviews ministerial replies
October 10, 2017 | 9:28 PM
by ONA
The Majlis Al Shura Office meeting was chaired by Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of Majlis Al Shura. Photo-ONA

Muscat: A number of responses received from ministries on enquiries presented by members of Majlis Al Shura were discussed on Tuesday during the 23rd regular meeting of the second annual sitting of the eighth term of the Majlis Al Shura Office.

The meeting was chaired by Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of Majlis Al Shura in the presence of the members of Majlis Al Shura Office and Sheikh Ali bin Nasser Al Mahrooqi, Secretary General of Majlis Al Shura.

Majlis Al Shura Office discussed the report submitted by chairman of the Youth Sports Affairs and Human Resources Committee on the ministerial reports of 2016 of the Ministry of Sports Affairs as well as the Ministry of Manpower.

Majlis Al Shura Office also discussed the letter of the Council of Ministers on the annual reports for 2016 for the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which included the achievements of both the ministries for the year 2016.

The meeting reviewed the response of Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrazi, Minister of Tourism on the services offered by the customer services departments and the response of the Public Authority for Electricity and Water on the control system of the pumping stations and water tanks among other issues.

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