Huawei participates at Gitex 2017

Business Tuesday 10/October/2017 16:57 PM
By: Times News Service
Huawei participates at Gitex 2017

Muscat: Huawei as the global ICT leader is participating in Gitex 2017 with a big focus on business and digital transformation as well as fifth-generation networks and solutions. Gitex is an annual event where all ICT and Technology leaders are present for demonstrating their latest advancements and solutions.
“This is an exciting time of global technological changes. Digitalisation is transforming both business models and personal lifestyles. Developing digital strategies has become a core priority for countries in the region, as governments and enterprises face overwhelming challenges in adapting to our changing world. Increasingly, business models are driven by digital innovation, where ‘New ICT’ is the key driving force. These innovations include new technologies and platforms, but a new ecosystem. As a leading global ‘New ICT’ infrastructure provider, Huawei actively embraces these changes and works with partners and developers to explore the road to digital transformation to accelerate your business’ success,” said Charles Yang, president, Huawei Middle East.
Huawei Technologies Oman is also committed to supporting the advancement of the ICT market in the Sultanate through providing the innovative solutions to the ICT and telecom services providers in the Omani market.
“Digital Transformation is an industry changer and will bring new revenue streams with a focus on diversification for the ICT Service Providers in Oman,” said, Leo Hong, CEO of Huawei Technologies Oman. “Huawei Technologies Oman will always be committed to supporting the Omani ICT service providers to launch the new solutions and services in the local market such as 5G services,” he added.
“In alignment with the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and the Omani government represented by the Telecoms Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, Huawei Technologies Oman will support the Omani ICT Service Providers to introduce the 5G services and solutions to the Omani market. ICT sector is an important contributor to the national GDP of Oman and its growth especially when the digital gap is bridged across the different community components and geographies of the Sultanate,” concluded Hong.