Fifty Omanis recruited as extras for the opera Aida
September 24, 2017 | 8:22 PM
by Times News Service
The selected students underwent a training programme under the supervision of experts.

Muscat: Fifty young Omanis had the experience of a lifetime when they were hired as extras to appear on stage during the opera Aida, performed by the Teatro Regio Torinoin Muscat, which concluded its performances on Sunday.

An invitation to be an extra was issued across Oman, and those interested in participating were asked to apply according to required conditions. The Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) received hundreds of applications, and out of these submissions, 50 participants were chosen.

These students underwent an intensive training programme, under the supervision of experts to prepare them for the responsibility and artistic requirement of their roles.

The opera Aida tells the story of an Ethiopian princess and her love for an Egyptian military commander, named Radames. Aida has been captured and serves in the Egyptian royal household where she must choose between her new love and her father.

The opera was written by Giuseppe Verdi, arguably the most popular composer in the world, and was performed by the most famous stars in opera today from the Teatro Regio Torino.

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