OmanPride: Youth expert and peer educator helping young Omanis
September 19, 2017 | 7:35 PM
by Times News Service
Mazoon Said Al Zadjali has spent a lot of her time volunteering in different activities in Oman.

Mazoon Said Al Zadjali, a 24-year-old Omani woman, is an international youth expert and peer educator, and she is making a difference in society. Mazoon has been selected to represent Oman at the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students, which will be held in Russia in October from 14-22 this year. Passionate about youth in general, her journey started when she was 15, and in the last nine years she has participated in many conferences and workshops inside and outside Oman, and spent a lot of her time volunteering in different activities.

“I’ve attended eight different conferences and workshops outside Oman, and one of the most important one was the First Global Forum on Youth Policies which was held in Azerbaijan, where the president honoured all the youth experts including me,” she said. Others included Youth Meeting in Egypt, Spark Conference in Thailand, Make a Wish Foundation in USA, Model United Nation in Bahrain, and Arab State Youth, Peace and Consultation Dialogue in Jordan.

In Oman, Mazoon is thoroughly involved in volunteering and stays close to the youth helping them with issues related to confidence, personality improvements, car accidents, drugs, suicidal thoughts, and family issues. “It all began when one of my friends was in trouble and needed some help. I felt helpless as I couldn’t find ways to help her. Back then I was in Scouts where I had my contact with one of the best Scout women leaders — Salwa Al Maimani. I called her to seek advice on how to help my friend and that’s when she mentioned that there is a new organisation in town where we both could enrol and learn. While my friend wasn’t interested I gave it a try,” remembers Mazoon.

“I went ahead and took the training, which was conducted for three days to be a peer educator under the international youth organisation called Youth Peer Educational Network. It’s funded and supported by UNFPA. After that I learnt different strategies to help young people to start their bright future. Since then I’ve interacted with many young Omanis who really need someone to talk to them or guide them to the right path,” she added.

Mazoon said that this training opened several doors for her. “It made me braver, confident, and added to my personality. All this wouldn’t have been possible without my family’s support, especially my parents who always stood by my side and encouraged me to do and give more to the community,” she said. “We are the Generation Y. I believe that each one of you is full of creativity. Youth are the vision of a better generation,” she added.

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