OMR700,000 gift of life from Omani with a big heart

More sports Sunday 10/September/2017 21:15 PM
By: Times News Service
OMR700,000 gift of life from Omani with a big heart

Muscat: A generous Omani donated OMR700,000 to a hospital yesterday, to provide a CT scanner, an intensive care unit and an all-female ward. “I decided to donate to this hospital because these are my people, and I have a responsibility to serve my country,” said Saleh Al Zari, the donor. The Ministry of Health signed a financial agreement with Al Zari yesterday, detailing the benefits to the local community. “The agreement covers the purchasing of a CT scanner and equipment for a new intensive care unit and a women’s ward at the Jalan Bani Bu Ali hospital,” the ministry announced in an online post. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Dr. Mohammed Al Hosni, deputy minister of health for Health Affairs, said: “The Ministry of Health thanks Saleh Al Zari for his generous contributions.
The ministry is in need of such donations in the form of equipment and pharmaceuticals.” “Such contributions can help in reducing patient pain, and providing a quicker diagnosis, which can lead to better treatment for the patient,” Al Hosni added. Al Zari called on all good samaritans to donate, specifically during the current economic downturn. “Over the course of 47 years I benefited from my country, and the day has come to give back. I appeal to all my fellow businessmen to contribute to the health and security of Oman,” Al Zari said. Sulaiman Al Saadi, general manager for Health Affairs in South Al Sharqiyah, at the Jalan Hospital, said: “Al Zari donated OMR700,000, from which OMR300,000 will go to CT and ultrasound scanners; the rest of the money will go to the establishment of the hospital’s female wing, which will include 16 beds. The funds will also help build a new Intensive Care Unit, which will hold eight beds and two beds for quarantine.” “The hospital is expecting to receive the CT and ultrasound equipment at the end of October 2017. The equipment will begin to run by the end of November,” added Al Saadi. “The construction of the female wing and the Intensive Care Unit will end in October 2018, and it will be running by the end of next year.” Al Zari added: “I am a resident of the Wilayat Jalan Bani Bu Ali. I noticed that a lot of people who get into accidents face trouble, as the capital hospital is far away and the services are far, and so I got the idea to donate for an ICU, a female unit, CT and ultra sound scans.” German scanners “It cost me approximately OMR700,000 and I bought German scanners from an Omani distributor,” he said. “I applied to the minister and thankfully, the process of getting this agreement with the Ministry of Health did not take a lot of time,” said Ali Al Alawi, an official from the Jalan Bani Bu Ali Hospital, adding that, “Cases that require CT scan get transferred to the Sur Hospital, but after installing this equipment, we need not transfer patients to other hospitals. Transferring of patients to the Sur hospital takes approximately an hour and a half, and that depends on the patient’s condition.”