OmanPride: Takaful volunteering group attends to the needs of the poor in Sohar
August 7, 2017 | 8:17 PM
by Salim Al Afifi
The Takaful team has contributed in helping more than 350 orphans and families in Sohar.

Voluntary and charitable work plays a major role in uniting communities and nations around the world, as it is an essential component that offers stability in society. In 2012, Abdulmunim Al Murshidi launched a charity organisation called ‘Takaful’ in the Wilayat of Sohar, with the aim to make life a little easier for the poor and needy in and around the northern coast of the Sultanate.

Takaful (which means solidarity or unity) focuses on practising community services and attending to the needs of those residing in the neighbourhoods of Sohar, as well as helping poor families, orphans, and abandoned children. The team operates under the supervision of the social development committee of Sohar, and its members are dedicated young folk from the wilayat.

“The idea of the team stemmed from a need for organised charitable voluntary work within civil institutions, and that is to promote cooperation and solidarity among the members of society,” said Abdulmunim. The team is on a mission to enhance the principle of social solidarity and promote voluntary and charitable work in the wilayat under their slogan, “Our solidarity is the road to happiness”.

The team works as a link between members of the society in which the team has succeeded in gaining their trust and leaving room for hope. The need to develop methods that fit the current lifestyle and situation is of great importance, as it gives credibility and transparency, which results in a sustainable organisation that will benefit its people for ages to come.

“Volunteering is one of the characteristics of the human soul, and over the past decades, Omani society has developed rapidly, accompanied by rapid social changes that have necessitated the development of social work. Today, society is no longer the same simple society that we have known in the past,” said Abdulmunim, while commenting on the recent changes in methods used to give back to society.

“The need to develop a charitable work platform has become urgent; and it helps train the younger generation with specialised energies that make this work more meaningful and requires contribution and dedication of the individual to that community,” he added. Some of the activities that the group undertakes range from taking care of orphans, poor families, and residents of Sohar, to collecting and distributing food, clothes, and households, to building houses and offering free maintenance.

The Takaful team conducts workshops and educational activities to raise awareness on a variety of social issues, such as drug abuse. As of this week, the team has contributed in helping more than 350 orphans and families, and they are in hopes to soar higher with future projects that could help the people of Sohar and the nation as a whole.

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