This could be Amazon’s latest package delivery system
April 16, 2019 | 1:26 PM
by Times News Service

Encinitas (California): An Amazon employee has shared a computer animation of what could be the company’s newest way of package delivery.

In the clip, shared by Ryan Mulvany, who has worked as a Pro Merchant for Amazon for more than 11 years, an Amazon-branded blimp is shown releasing drones with packages that are intended for customers.

“Amazon blimp that deploys drones that deliver packages. Cray cray!” he exclaimed. “I guess this is an animation but still gets the point across...”

Should Amazon deploy this blimp, it could greatly change the way they conduct their deliveries. However, the video has not been well-received by others.

Niell Jacobsen called it “one of the most frightening videos I’ve ever seen,” and Eric Arnold added: “who owns the airspace over my five acres? Skeet practice,” to which Chris Patteson replied, “I think the upgraded ones shoot back now.”

Hamed Ahmed quipped, “wouldn’t fancy the job of loading that blimp each morning!” and Dominic Ebery said: “this is for some reason, terrifying. It seems like the opening seen of a Black Mirror future horror story.”

Britt Sarony seemed to agree with that, as she said: “Indeed! Also think we have too much noise pollution and too little privacy to accommodate these buzzing machines.”

Video Courtesy - Ryan Mulvany

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