Over 300 tonnes of rotten fish found in Oman factory
April 15, 2019 | 2:02 PM
by Times News Service

Muscat: A fine of OMR 12,000 as well as imprisonment has been announced for the accused in the case of rotten fish in Dhofar governorate, the Public Authority of Consumer Protection (PACP) said.

According to the authority, More than 300 tonnes of rotten material were found in the factory.

The Court of First Instance in Salalah issued a judgment in favour of the Consumer Protection Department in Dhofar against defendants in one of the fish factories for the misdemeanour of the sale of a rotten commodity and the misrepresentation to the consumer with incorrect information about the product.

The factories manipulated the validity dates of materials involved in packaging the fish products, and the quantity of the expired raw materials in the factory was estimated at 6,260 kg.

PACP said, "The team inspected the frozen warehouses of the factory as well, where large quantities were seized, some of which had expired according to the data on their containers and others had no validity dates. The quantity was 305 tonnes, as noted by the specialists through tracking shipments and data records. Some of the cans were packaged with fish different from what was mentioned in the data card."

Ali Al Basrawi, Director of the Department of Consumer Protection in Dhofar Governorate, said, "This seizure came within the framework of complementarity of roles and synergy between the Authority and other institutions that would preserve the safety, health and rights of the consumer. We thank the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Public Prosecution and the municipality of Dhofar for their cooperation with us in this case."

Al Basrawi added, "The authority calls upon all merchants and suppliers to adhere to credibility and transparency with consumers when providing any goods or services and comply with all provisions of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations and related laws."

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