Oman to celebrate anniversary of Blessed Renaissance Day

Energy Saturday 22/July/2017 21:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman to celebrate anniversary of Blessed Renaissance Day

Muscat: The Sultanate will mark on Sunday the 47th anniversary of the Blessed Renaissance Day.
On this day, the courageous Omani people renew the pledge and loyalty to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. They also express their gratitude, appreciation and love to His Majesty the Sultan who revived the ancient glories of Oman and built a full-fledged modern state based on equality and citizenship and seeks to achieve progress, growth and rule of the law for all citizens.
On this glorious day, the Omanis feel proud of the achievements made throughout the past 47 years of the Blessed Renaissance march under the wise leadership of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Thanks to His Majesty’s wise vision and the steady efforts and involvement of the Omani people, Oman has become, as outlined by His Majesty, an oasis of security and prosperity, as well as a modern state where all Omanis enjoy decent living, security and safety.
Since the dawn of the first day of the Blessed Renaissance, His Majesty the Sultan had a fatherly vision that forecasts the future and accommodates all citizens. His Majesty the Sultan has been very keen on setting up justice organisations, integrating the value of justice and supporting the rule of the law.
His Majesty has also developed a foreign policy that is based on cooperation, trust, credibility, frankness and clarity in dealing with brothers and friends at the different situations, developments and circumstances.
The foreign policy has maintained Oman’s leading status and positive role. It also enhanced cooperation with the different sisterly and friendly countries and made Oman an active player to ensure welfare of peoples in the region and the world.
The Sultanate, thanks to His Majesty the Sultan’s peace approach, managed to establish brotherly and friendly relations with various countries around the world. The Sultanate was also keen on continuing and developing these relations in all fields to achieve the interest of the Sultanate and other countries. The Sultanate has been one of the states that relied on negotiation principle to solve disputes and settle them in a peaceful way based on mutual respect, international law principles, non-interference in other states’ domestic affairs and maintaining cooperation to achieve common interests and good neighbouring.
In local and international forums, the Sultanate has always stressed its belief that each problem has a solution when the parties have the will to reconcile their interests and when all join hands particularly peoples love peace, understanding and peaceful coexistence.
Recognised by world leaders
His Majesty the Sultan, thanks to these credible policies and stances, has been recognised by leaders of the region and the world. The Sultanate, which enjoys safety, security and stability, received the President of Iran, the Emir of the State of Kuwait, the King of Jordan and the Palestinian President. This reflects the Sultanate’s active role in all efforts made to ensure stability and peace in the region.
While promoting peace and stability of the region, the Sultanate has been also keen on building strong armed forces that can defend the nation and maintain the fruits of the development process.
His Majesty the Sultan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces has been issuing directives to develop and modernise the armed forces to keep pace with the developments made in the field of military training and armament. The Omani armed forces have become a modern integrated force that keeps pace with the development in this field. The armed forces are also known for their scientific efficiency, combatting skills and ability to carry out national duties under all circumstances.
In this regard, the first batch of Typhoon combat aircraft and Hawk training aircraft were launched this year as part of the modernization process being witnessed by the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO). The Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) also celebrated the launch of “Khassab” and “Al Nasser” vessels, which are the last two vessels in “Ufuq” project.
Since the first day of the Blessed Renaissance, His Majesty the Sultan has been very keen on ensuring active involvement of the Omanis in all walks of life.
His Majesty the Sultan has been very keen as well on encouraging the Omanis especially youths to erupt their talents and work hard. While presiding over the Council of Ministers’ meeting on 23rd May 2017, His Majesty also hailed the significant role of the Omani youth and underscored the need to encourage them, support their capabilities and upgrade their level of training to enable them to benefit from available opportunities.
During the same meeting, His Majesty the Sultan expressed satisfaction over the achievements made by the comprehensive development march and ensuring good social and economic growth rates that takes into consideration the social and economic aspects. His Majesty the Sultan also commended the efforts being exerted to support policies of economic diversification, which achieved a suitable progress within the current period.
His Majesty the Sultan thanked the Omani citizens for their cooperation in making development programmes and plans a success despite the variables being experienced by the world today.
The Omani Government has adopted the National Programme for Enhancing Economic Diversification “Tanfeedh,” which is one of the national programmes of the 9th five-year plan 2016-2020 in a bid to maximise the benefits from the natural and other resources in sectors, such as tourism, agriculture, fisheries and minerals.
Despite oil price slump, the financial and economic conditions of the Sultanate remained stable in general. The Sultanate is going ahead with its development plans to maintain the economic stability, enhance the social aspect, create a conducive business environment, augment partnership with the private sector and subsidise small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Omani Government also seeks to enhance the Sultanate’s ranking in competitiveness indicators. After reviewing regional and international experience, the Ministerial Committee formed for this purpose, recommended the establishment of a national office under the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI). This office will be in charge of enhancing the Sultanate’s competitiveness.
The Sultanate aims to increase the contribution of the tourism sector to the GDP by 2040. The Oman Tourism Strategy 2016-2040 aims to enhance the Sultanate’s position globally and make it a global destination for unique hospitality, as well as enhancing the value and sustainability of natural and cultural monuments, achieving economic and social benefits and providing necessary income to preserve, protect and sustain heritage and protect the environment.
To invest on its strategic location and proximity to navigation routes and international trade lines and as part of its efforts to diversify sources of the national income, the Sultanate is seeking to be a leader in the field of transport and communications and to become one of the top ten countries in international logistics performance by 2040. The general strategy in the ports sector relies on the continuous expansion of the capacity of these ports and their ability to handle goods of various forms and sizes and at global levels, the ability to receive various types and sizes of vessels.
It also relies on enhancing enhance their competitiveness through the establishment and deepening of berths and processing of offshore services, in addition to the development of equipment and integration in the activities of the Omani ports and its linkage with other industrial and commercial sectors and the establishment of free and industrial zones within the port areas.
In this area, the Special Economic Zone of Duqm (SEZD) is a key pillar for making Oman a regional logistics hub in the upcoming years. It is integrated with the Omani ports, road and rail networks, and new airports.
The Sultanate’s development, growth, advancement, and prosperity, as His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said stated in his speech on the occasion of the 22nd Glorious National Day, “The supreme goal and the ultimate goal of every Omani whose heart beats with sincerity and overflows with love and loyalty of his feelings to this nation, but this noble goal can be achieved on the ground only by the generous efforts, continuous giving, conscious planning and enlightened thought, which draws the future and envisages its horizons and explores its challenges in preparation for facing them with science, work, various skills and evolving expertise in various areas of life”.
As Oman’s overall development march enters its forty-eighth year with confidence, glory and pride, and looking forward to a bright and better future, the Sultanate is looking forward to the completion of several important projects that will diversify sources of income, boost revenues and push the national economy along the path of growth, in addition to providing more employment opportunities for the national workforce. Among these projects, are the currently being accomplished in the SEZD in the oil, petrochemical, industrial, tourism and fisheries sectors, as well as completion of the stages in relation to construction of Duqm Port expected by 2019, the projects being implemented in the industrial zones, Orpic petrochemical projects, tourism projects sector in Ras Al Hadd, Muscat, South Al Batinah, Governorate of Dhofar and other governorates of the Sultanate, in addition to projects in the food security sector, fishing ports, fish farming sector and logistics.
While Oman celebrates the Blessed Renaissance Day, glorifying a bright day of its eternal days during which the hopes turned into a living reality, it prays to the Almighty Allah to protect the Monarch of the country and the Leader of the victorious march, grant His Majesty a good health, wellbeing and a long life, as well as success to realise more achievements.
On this glorious anniversary, the loyal people of Oman renew allegiance and loyalty to His Majesty the Sultan to back up his wise leadership, giving generously for the sake of Oman and its civilisation for the present and future, and preserve its achievements accomplished and being accomplished during this auspicious era, committing themselves to the wise directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, and to work hard and sincerely to achieve progress, welfare and prosperity for Oman.