Rescuers in Oman warn people trying to outrun water surge
May 3, 2017 | 4:26 PM
by Alya Al Harthy/[email protected]

Muscat: Adrenaline junkies who run in front of raging torrents of water as wadis fill up have been condemned by rescue services.

Authorities have warned people not to outrun wadi waters after a video captured a group of men running ahead of charging water.

In a recent video captured by Badr bin Khamis Al Khanbashi, Wadi bani Ghafir is shown flooding a valley in Rustaq.

As the wadi fills with treacherous, fast-flowing water due to recent rains, a group of men are seen running just ahead of the surge in order to outrun the water before it catches them.

The strength of the water is such that it is washing away large tree branches and debris along the way.

The Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance has warned against such behaviour, citing previous risky acts that have resulted in harm.

"The decision to cross wadis while they are flowing is suicide. Despite warnings, some individuals are still risking their lives to cross wadis. Your lives are valuable, so why take the risk?," a representative said.

The PACDA representative explained that search and rescue operations in wadi streams are subject to several criteria, including: the strength of the running water, the weather condition at the time, and the availability of equipment and mechanisms to perform the rescue.

They emphasised that individuals should not try to cross the wadi streams, even if the water level is low.

"During storms, and in case of all emergencies, contact 9999 or 243436666. Follow the weather forecast only from professional bodies and local authorities.

Avoid staying close to lighting and electricity poles, and be careful with lower voltage wires.

In case your car gets stuck in a wadi stream, attempt to climb onto the roof of the car. Call for help, but attempt to stay on top of the car until you are rescued."

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