5 things to know before going on a vegan diet

Lifestyle Saturday 31/July/2021 21:56 PM
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5 things to know before going on a vegan diet

While many people transition to a vegan diet for ethical reasons, some people do so primarily for improving their health. You’re undoubtedly here today because you’re thinking of cutting out meat, dairy, fish, and other animal derivatives from your diet.

The following are five such examples that you should keep in mind as you transition to a vegan diet:

1. You’ll find meal ideas even meat-eaters will love
If you’ve grown up eating the same kinds of meals each day, one thing you will discover is how there are hundreds of vegan meal ideas that kick those out of the water! That’s because you may not have sampled some of the things often consumed by those on a vegan diet.
For example, you’ll come across exotic fruits and vegetables that add a unique flavour and taste to dishes that you’ll seldom see in mainstream meat-based meals.

2. Vegan candy is abundant
As a vegan (or even a vegetarian), one thing you’ll do frequently is check the ingredients on unknown foods or packaged items before you buy them. You’ll also discover that many of your favourite candies contain gelatine and other animal derivatives.

The good news is many companies have candy that is vegan-friendly and only contains natural ingredients. So, if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you can still get your candy fix!

3. You’ll need a thick skin
Sadly, there are some disadvantages to becoming vegan. Arguably the biggest downside of all is other people’s perception of your dietary choice. Some individuals will judge you and even try to belittle you because you don’t conform to what they perceive as “normal” eating.

If you’re of a sensitive disposition, you’ll need to develop a thick skin to deflect such negative comments. Of course, it does help if you avoid socializing with such toxic individuals as much as possible. True friends and loved ones will respect your diet is only your business.

4. Your grocery bill will increase
Some people struggle to keep to a vegan diet due to the cost of buying vegan food. That’s because products like meat often get subsidised by the industry, resulting in cheaper products (especially processed items like beef burgers).

But, every cloud has a silver lining, and if you’re savvy with your spending, you can drive your grocery bill costs down. For instance, if you buy fresh fruit and vegetables from local markets, they can be cheaper than supermarkets.

5. You don’t need to take vitamin supplements
Lastly, one of the biggest myths peddled by non-vegans, in particular, is how all vegans will be missing out on essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are supposedly abundant in meat and dairy products.

If you eat a balanced diet, you’ll find you get more than your recommended intake of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals from fruit, vegetables, and legumes.