Indian diaspora supports relief efforts in Mozambique
March 25, 2019 | 5:01 PM
by Times News Service
Image Courtesy: @indiannavy on Twitter

Muscat: Efforts by the Indian Navy in Mozambique to help survivors of Cyclone Idai are being supported by members of the local Indian diaspora, the Indian Press Information Bureau announced.

According to the government, members of both the local community and the diaspora have joined the high availability disaster recovery (HADR) operations currently being undertaken by three Indian naval ships.

In Beira, the ships have rescued more than 192 survivors from the area of Buzi, which is cut off from the mainland. Three medical camps have been set up at and medical assistance has been provided to over 1500 affected people from the local population. Around 22 tons of fresh water have also been provided to local authorities.

Helicopters from the Indian Navy have undertaken a number of sorties to evacuate survivors. Additionally, the helicopters have been used to drop food and water.

Crew members are providing services in affected areas including schools, churches, hospitals, and orphanages in coordination with local government officials. The ships have also set up a community kitchen that is open 24/7 to members of the local community/

The Indian Navy's HADR operations in Beira are expected to continue until 30 March, according to the government. One of the vessels, the INS Shardul, is on its way to Maputo to puck up relief materials and will return to Beira on 28 March.

Another ship, the INS Magar, is set to depart from Mumbai on 27-28 March to provide additional assistance to those affected by the cyclone.

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