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The Natural Way To Stop Burps
February 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM
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Burping is triggered by excessive air that is gulped down while eating or drinking something. It becomes a huge embarrassment when it gets habitual especially when out in public or social circles.

Intense burping occurs after drinking too much of soda and in others while being nervous. It is an involuntary act that can be efficiently tackled by some of the natural remedies mentioned below. Although burping can be eradicated by home remedies but in some cases help of a physicist and even prescription medications are required to address the problem thoroughly. The natural remedies are as following:

Ginger Remedy

Ginger is the most basic method of treating gastrointestinal disorders and its role to stop burping cannot be overviewed. If the pungent taste of ginger is your cup of tea then just cash all the health merits by chewing a 2-3 time a day or you can also add honey to the ginger as it will improve its taste and make it more suitable for eating.

Ginger tea is another way to consume this potent root of immense medicinal properties. Make it a routine to eat ginger daily and you will definitely be protected lifelong from severe to common ailments.

Yogurt Remedy

Yogurt is phenomenal for your stomach health as the live bacteria culture will eradicate gut problems and cultivate good bacteria in your stomach. In special cases like a person suffering from lactose intolerance, then milk and diary products will account to burping. In that case yogurt is a good alternative to milk and dairy items. Diluted yogurt in the form of buttermilk also prevents burping. You can add cumin seeds to buttermilk to form a healthy intestinal and stomach region and curb episodes of burping.

Asafetida And Fennel Seeds Remedy

Asafetida and fennel seeds are excellent resolve to unwanted burping. Take 2 tablespoons full of fennel and add ¼ tsp. of asafetida in it. Have it twice a day. You can also add honey to it if severe burps disrupt your daily life. It is a great natural cure and does not cause any discomfort or harm to your body.

Mint Remedy

Mint tea offers a quick relief from gas and stomach related problems. Directly chewing mint leaves or drinking mint tea twice a day can address this problem naturally.

Lemon And Baking Soda Remedy

Lemon is a very effective remedy to stop burps. Take 1 tablespoon full of lemon juice and ¼ spoon of baking soda. Mix it well in a glass of water and drink it after every meal. It will surely prevent burping and help in digestion.

Papaya Remedy

Papaya helps with bouts of burps due to papain - an enzyme that helps proper digestion and prevents gas formation in the stomach - thereby eliminating the urge to burp. Papaya is also good for your skin so daily consumption solves both burps and skin issues without any side effects.

Cumin Seeds Remedy

Make a great combo of roasted cumin seeds along with celery and fennel seeds. Take 2 tablespoons full of theses roasted seeds daily and follow it up with a warm glass of water. It will surely take care of burps.

Caraway Remedy

Caraway seeds, when eaten raw, will solve annoying burpy sensation you get on a regular basis. If you cannot stand the taste then add it to your salad as it will provide your body and digestive system a cooling effect that will put off your gas problem and thereby reduce burps.

Chewing Slow With Close Mouth As A Remedy

Clean table manners of eating will prevent burps as it is caused when we take in excessive air in our body while chewing or other reasons. Chew your food with your mouth closed, as it will stop the air to reach into the mouth along with food. Eat slowly and enjoy your meal, as it will prevent burps that are caused by vigorous chewing.

Non-Smoking As A Remedy

Smokers suffer from severe burps as the smoke gets trapped in their body that leads to detrimental health problems. The smokers inhale more and exhale little that leads to harmful nicotine build up in your body which eventually results into burps as a form of reflux action.

Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist and has got certifications from SNHS, International College of Holistic Medicine, UK, and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), USA. Check out more articles on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Holistic-Living-By-Kiran-Zahra

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