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Aug 31, 2015 LAST UPDATED AT 09:49 AM GMT
Pakistan should mend ways, avoid tension along LoC: Indian minister
August 31, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Residents of Chandu Chak display mortar shells allegedly fired on their village Chandu Chak by Pakistani troops, in Jammu last Monday. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Sunday attacked the Narendra Modi government for suspending talks with Pakistan over a “cup of tea” with separatist Hurriyat Conference and said India has set up a difficult benchmark for resumption of talks.Photo -PTI file

Jaipur/New Delhi: Expressing concern over frequent ceasefire violations, Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar on Sunday cautioned Pakistan that it should avoid increasing tension along the border as it would not be beneficial to it.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Sunday attacked the Narendra Modi government for suspending talks with Pakistan over a "cup of tea" with separatist Hurriyat Conference and said India has set up a difficult benchmark for resumption of talks.

Javadekar at a press conference said: "We fully believe Pakistan should mend its ways, because it would not be beneficial to Pakistan to increase tension with India."

"They (Pakistan) are holding talks with terrorists, then with us... This will not work... Talks on border is already being continued in flag meetings...," he said, reiterating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's views.

"We are always worried about Pakistan, what is happening in Pakistan.  Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to say a phrase: you can choose a friend, not a neighbour...  Pakistan is our neighbour," Javadekar said.

"We want stability and prosperity in Pakistan because that is how we both (India-Pak) can progress together," he said.

"But unfortunately, the fragility which we are experiencing in Pakistan has made the situation a little difficult. We will try our best for good relations," he said.

"What Pakistan is doing for the last 15 days reflects its domestic situation...," he said.

Meanwhile, speaking on a variety of issues including the resolution passed by the Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Council seeking resumption of dialogue with Pakistan, Omar said cancellation of talks with Pakistan was "demoralising" people of his state.

The chief minister also debunked BJP's 'Mission-44' for the forthcoming Assembly elections, saying it was one of those nice Bollywood glitz slogans like 'love jehad'.

"What BJP is trying to do is to cosy up to separatists so that they can take advantage of boycott call in some seats and basically wrest those seats away into their kitty but the 44 number is a pipe dream, that's not happening," he said.

On the cancellation of talks, Omar said, "It basically just demoralises the people because at the end of the day we only see a solution emerging out of dialogue. We had 25 years of violence, we had wars, we had skirmishes but we haven't seen a solution.

"The closest we have come to the solution is through dialogue, first with the then Prime Minister (A B) Vajpayee and (former Pakistan President General Pervez) Musharraf and then with former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Musharraf and with Nawaz Sharif and Singh. We were hoping that process will actually carry on," Omar told Karan Thapar on his programme 'Nothing but the truth' broadcast on Headlines Today.

He said the Modi government had raised the expectations of the people of the state, which bore the brunt of failure of talks.

"You are the ones who were all buddy buddy sending each other shawls and saris and mangoes and all the rest of it. All that you put in Punjabi 'jhapiyan-pappian' (hugs and kisses).  What happened to all that? You raised our expectations and hopes that this process was going to go forward and now over a cup of tea you dash them," he said.

The government cancelled foreign secretary-level talks with Pakistan scheduled for August 25 after Islamabad refused to agree to India's demand of not entertaining Hurriyat leaders from Jammu and Kashmir.

Asked whether Pakistan was interfering in India's internal affairs by inviting Hurriyat for a discussion on Kashmir, Omar said: "Look Pakistan has interfered in India's internal affairs for how long now. This is the point that I make. By suspending the dialogue in the past, have you stopped Pakistan from interfering in India's internal affairs.

"Didn't you stop talking to Pakistan after the attack on India's Parliament. I was a minister in NDA government when we prepared a list of 20 people and said these people need to be handed over to India before we start talking to Pakistan again. How many of those 20 came.

"We stopped talking to Pakistan after 26/11, we said until those responsible for it are brought to justice, we will not talk to you. What happened? Other than hanging Ajmal Kasab, who else have we brought to justice...here now you are going to say until you don't stop giving cup of tea, we are not going to talk to you," he said.

Omar said both the countries will be on dialogue table someday. "You will go back to the dialogue table today or tomorrow and all you will lose is time."

He said asking Pakistan not to hold talks with Hurriyat was virtually setting up a pre-condition for Islamabad.

"At this point and time I don't see a resumption because you are in effect asking Pakistan to surrender its entire foreign policy on Kashmir before the dialogue has produced anything.

"This suspension of support to the Hurriyat would be perhaps one of the achievements of the dialogue process not a pre-condition to the dialogue process and that's the worrying part.

"You set a benchmark or you set a yardstick that I believe is difficult to achieve," he said.  Omar rejected the notion that Pakistan was recognising Hurriyat as representatives of people of Kashmir which meant a rebuff to him and other mainstream political parties in the state.

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