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Class XII Bid Adieu at Indian School Salalah
February 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Indian School Salalah organized a grand Valedictory Ceremony to bid adieu to the outgoing batch of class XII on Thursday, 13th February, 2014. It was a colorful gathering with men in formals and ladies clad in designer saris.  The occasion was graced by the President of the School management committee, Mr. Cyril Samuel, other esteemed members of SMC and parents of class 12 students.

The programme started with an introductory speech by Mrs.Darsana Kumari, faculty in Business Studies followed by a prayer invoking the divine presence of almighty. The gathering was formally welcomed by Mrs. Mrs.Uma Devi, faculty in Physics.

The welcome address was followed by the Candle Lighting Ceremony. Students moved up to Principal Mr. T. R. Brown to light the candles, signifying the holy illumination of the spirit of truth, knowledge and wisdom. Meanwhile citations were read out by Mr.C.T Ramasamy, HOD, English, Mrs. Rachel Abraham and Mr. Royi Antony of English department.

Mrs. Anantha Lakshmi, faculty in Chemistry in her speech, conveyed her best wishes to the students for their forth coming examinations. She added that the job satisfaction of a teacher depends on student's performance.

Following the proceedings, with a sense of pride and tinge of sadness, the outgoing students recalled and shared their experiences and feelings. A host of memories raced through the speech of students.

Many eyes brimmed over with nostalgia. Hazel Brown, Midhun Manohar, P.Manoj Kumar, Asma Sami, Sanjana Satheesh, M.Avani Kirti Kumar, Vibha Ojaha, Fathima Gafoor, and Jacqueline Judith Sabatini John reminisced their unforgettable memories cherished in ISS. They were thankful to their teachers for the knowledge they gained and the life values inculcated in them. The habit of being in school is hard to break for most of them. Some of the speeches were overcast with the feeling of joy as well as sorrow of leaving the parental care of teachers and facing the unknown world.

The Wishing Song "sadhana ke gul khilavo gyan ka sagar bahao….." sung by the music teachers Mr. Sidharth Das, Mr.Ramachandran & Mrs.Bindu Kala was melodious and very meaningful at the occasion.

Mrs. Omana Mathews, the Vice Principal conveyed her wishes to the 21st outgoing batch of the school. Addressing the gathering she said this batch of students are unique in many ways. It is the first time in the history of school where more than 100 students are graduating from ISS. She added that this batch is unique because they brought the CBSE Oman Cluster Athletic & Football championship trophies and many more laurels to the school. She advised them to set a goal and strive hard to achieve the same in the ensuing exam and their future.

 Speaking on the occasion, Mr. T.R Brown, the Principal showered the words of blessings, wishes and prayers upon the students. In his speech he advised the students that life ahead is not easy; competitions are tough and challenges are many. He exhorted that there is no short-cut in life, but life will be easy and comfortable if they follow the lessons that they learned from their 14 years of schooling. He also shared certain principles one has to follow for a successful life which includes: Importance of setting goal, learning from mistakes, overcome obstacles, setting personal codes and conduct, power of perseverance and never forget those who helped.

Parents of outgoing students also expressed their sense of gratitude to the School Management, the Principal and the teachers for their dedicated services and endearing efforts in educating, nurturing and shaping up the life of their wards. Mrs Parvinder kaur, Mr. Sanadeep Ojha, Mr. B Suresh, Mrs. Somi Brown, Mr. John Abraham Rajamoney and Mr. Cyril Samuel expressed their gratitude, shared their experience and gave valuable advice to the outgoing students. Mr.Rajamoney, Convenor and chairman, academic committee of SMC asserted that ISS excels in academic performance and discipline. Mrs. Somi Brown being a former teacher of ISS recollected her fond memories with school and she advised children to believe themselves and judge the things with their discretion.

Dr.D. Pramod, chairman, CCA, School Management Committee inspired the gathering by connecting life with science, games, philosophy, ethics and epics.  Mr. S. Anil kumar, the vice president of SMC advised students to do their best in the forthcoming examinations. He also advised the children to realize their potential and always try to improve themselves. He told them to correct the mistakes and never let down the will power. 

Mementos, with a message that students were special and memories would always be cherished, were presented to them by Mr. Cyril Samuel, Hon'ble President of the School Management Committee. Mr. Cyril, in his valedictory address, told students that the sky is their limit and do not put themselves in a corner. As a parent and the president of the school SMC he appreciated the students for bringing laurels to the school and expects the same in the forth coming board examinations.

Moments of joy, laughter, tears, separation, and emotional outburst were evident when students clung to their friends and teachers during the photo session.

 'All good things come to an end' and the euphoric celebration ended with promise of maintaining friendship and heartfelt gratitude. Mr.Anto Lalu, CCA in charge and faculty in Economics proposed the vote of thanks.

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