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FamousLogos.net announces winner of poster design contest for Renaissance Day of Oman
July 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The winning poster. Image provided

FamousLogos.net has announced the winner of their Annual Design Competition which commemorates 43rd Renaissance Day. The contest has been won by Hummod Al-Khudor, a 19-year-old Muscat-based graphic designer. 

"I'm so glad to win the contest (and of course, the iPhone 5). More importantly, I feel myself fortunate to share my work to a bigger audience," says Hummod, the winning participant. "I've always been a fan of minimalist design and while designing my poster, I kept things simple."

Alexander Eckstein, the website's Managing Editor, was upbeat about the overwhelming response of submissions flooding his email inbox. "Contests like this help aspiring designers reach higher standards. And it's a great opportunity to show love for our readers with a great prize".

For more details about the results, visit their Logo Design Blog.

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